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Winter Storage Removal

***REMOVAL WEEK- April 1 to April 6, 2019*** The fair does ask you to be courteous, if you are the last one in by the door, you will need to be the first one out on April 1st or earlier.  For more information please call the Fair Office 269-467-8935  

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2018 Hay Bale Contest

1st Place - John Deere Tractor by: FFA Chapter  2nd Place - Teddy Bear   3rd Place - Turkey 4th Place (tie)- Dog Face  4th Place (tie)- Bull Rider 

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Centreville Fair Grounds

Welcome to the Centreville Fair website. We will be updating the Centreville Fair site with new events throughout the year, not just for the Centreville Fair. You can check out what the Centreville Fair has scheduled so far by going to the Centreville Fair Events page. If you would like to contact the Centreville Fair [...]

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