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With the growing concern of availability of parking for the General Public, the parking committee has decided to implement the following actions:

  • We will be eliminating all livestock trailer parking along the east fence, which will allow us to park more vehicles during the high volume times of fair week.  We now have designated livestock trailer parking area to the south side of the grounds in the middle of the practice harness racing track. This area will be marked for easier parking, especially for the varying lengths of trailers and/or towing vehicles.
  • The exception will be when 4H exhibitors are bringing their trailers in; they will be allowed to park them in a designated area.  These same trailers MUST be moved either to the designated livestock parking area or removed from the grounds shortly after the Tuesday evening shows.
  • Livestock trailers will NOT be allowed in the general parking area whatsoever.
  • This change in parking will allow more general parking in the normal parking area and it will also place the livestock trailers closer to the animal barns.  We will also be using temporary light towers to make the livestock trailer area more safe and user-friendly.

Please click here for a map of the areas with some explanation to hopefully clear up any questions.

We thank everyone for their cooperation!