Rules and Policies

//Rules and Policies
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General Fairgrounds Rules

  • The St. Joseph County Fair Association, its agents, volunteers, and employees shall not be held liable in case of injury to exhibitors, concessionaires, or the public on the grounds of the St. Joseph County Grange Fair.
  • Every possible protection and courtesy will be extended to all by the St. Joseph County Grange Fair.  The Board/Association shall not be responsible for any loss of exhibits, animals, or equipment in case of fire, theft, and vandalism, or from loss of any other cause.
  • No person will be permitted to solicit on the fairgrounds except at contracted concession or commercial rented spaces.
  • No person will be permitted to post or display signs, distribute handbills or merchandise except under fair contract.
  • No pets will be allowed on the fairgrounds, except in the camping areas with a permitted camper. Pets CANNOT be away from camping areas.
  • NO pets (except assistance animals)
  • NO alcohol allowed on the grounds. Contact the Fair office for exceptions
  • NO laser lights
  • NO off -road personal motorized vehicles or bicycles permitted on the grounds.

Golf/ATV/Off Road Vehicles Policy:

Golf Carts/ATV/Off Road Vehicles will NOT be allowed for recreational use.  Any vehicle, if on the fairgrounds, shall require a permit at a cost of $50.00 purchased at the fair office.

  • The Fair office must have a proof of liability insurance for all vehicles before a permit can be issued.
  • Drivers must be 16 years or older with a valid drivers license.  Must have copy filed with fair office.
  • Permit must be displayed on vehicle and be visible.
  • NO more people than the number of available seats may ride on a vehicle. 
  • A map will be given to each person showing the routes allowed to travel based on type of permit given.
  • Any violation of these rules may result in the removal of the vehicle from the fairgrounds.
  • Lights must be on the front and rear with proper intensity and must be operating after dark.

Exception: persons handicapped and/or disabled will be allowed to have battery-powered wheelchairs and/or battery-powered three-wheeled scooters.

Click here for Example of Certificate of Liability Insurance for Golf Cart/ATV/Off Road Vehicles

Click here to view the NEW enforced Golf Cart Policy. 

Handicapped Parking Available:  Please use Nottawa St. Gate and Main Entrance

Guests are asked to bring strollers and wheelchairs – no rentals available.

ATM Machine is located under the grandstands in the fair office.

Fairgrounds Map